August 20, 2018

Soon-to-be-wed couples should pay equal attention to both wedding contracts and the big day!

The near arrival of Spring – and wedding season – are likely to fill soon-to-be wed couples with excitement about their impending nuptials, and while it is undoubtedly good to plan the details of the celebration, it is also important for partners to pay equal attention to the details of their marriage contracts. Jeremy Woods, Senior Consultant Fiduciary Services, at leading financial advisory firm GTC, urges individuals to carefully consider their needs and to review their contracts before signing. “This has many consequences for your life together, and these may even continue after death has parted you,” he says.“It is entirely natural for couples to focus on making their wedding day as special as possible. However, it also is a reality that the majority of couples focus far too little attention on the less romantic aspects of determining an appropriate...
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