August 16, 2018

Employers and medical aid members can exercise control over their medical aid increases by being more active

“Employers looking to assist employees in increasing their disposable income, would do well to focus more attention on increasing employees’ physical activity levels, thereby reducing absenteeism, decreasing the risk of staff illness, improving productivity and overall staff morale,” says Jill Larkan, Head: Healthcare Consulting. “An efficient service component of most medical aids, available to all members is the ‘wellness programme’. Members engaged in such schemes are generally proven to be healthier,” says Larkan.“Healthier members cost the medical aids less and – in turn – medical aids then also become ‘healthier’. Consequently, healthier medical aids have lower annual increases, resulting in members having more disposable income.” Larkan believes an active lifestyle is also a good way for people to decrease their medical bills, and in the long run, their annual medical aid increases. “It is abundantly clear from research by medical...
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