August 2, 2017

GTC Derivatives profile 2017

One of GTC’s subsidiary companies, GTC Derivatives (Pty) Ltd is a Broking Member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Equity Derivatives Market and an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 36823). The GTC Derivatives online platform (SAXO Capital Markets) is a self-trading platform, which offers both local and international exposure to Equities, Commodities and Foreign exchange. These positions can be undertaken on a geared or non-geared basis and offers investors the ability to be long or short of the market. Download the full GTC Derivatives profile 2017.

GTC Risk Solutions profile 2017

GTC Risk Solutions offers bespoke short-term insurance risk management advice and tailored insurance solutions for both our institutional and private clients. Our specialist capabilities include personal insurance, corporate and commercial insurance, self-insurance, cell captive options, enterprise risk management (ERM) as well as other value-added products and services. For private clients GTC Risk Solutions usually forms part of an integral financial plan constructed out of GTC’s Wealth Management division. A corporate’s commercial insurance is usually provided as an add-on to the employee benefits services provided by GTC. Download the full GTC Risk Solutions profile 2017.

GTC Employee Benefits Consulting profile 2017

GTC provides professional consulting services to employers and their employees to ensure cost-effective, streamlined,well-structured and innovative retirement fund solutions. Our approach to managing retirement funds is both efficient and specialised, involving personal consultations by qualified registered financial consultants. Download the full GTC Employee Benefits Consulting profile 2017.

GTC Private Client Wealth Management Profile 2017

The GTC Private Client Wealth Management team provides bespoke financial planning advice to each of our private clients. Our experienced team of consultants understand our investors’ individual requirements, and the nuances thereof, for their local and international wealth creation. GTC’s independence, together with our depth of in-house quantitative investment analytics and careful due diligence approach, allows us to meet each private client’s specific needs. Download the full GTC Private Client Wealth Management Profile 2017.