Private Client Wealth Management

The GTC Private Client Wealth Management team provides bespoke financial planning advice to each of our private clients. Our experienced team of consultants understands our investors’ individual requirements, and the nuances thereof, for their local and international wealth creation. GTC’s independence, together with our analytical investment and careful due diligence approach, allows us to meet each private client’s specific needs.

Our Services

Our Differentiation

Team Leader

Our wealth management consultants have access to the diverse range of other GTC products, services and technical capabilities, ensuring our clients benefit from complete, comprehensive and cost-effective financial plans.

These services include:

  • Asset management and investment consulting
  • Stockbroking and derivatives trading
  • Unit trust management
  • Short-term risk solutions
  • Fiduciary services
  • Healthcare consulting

GTC’s differentiation in a competitive market is premised on our fee-based advice (as opposed to legislated commissions) as well as the use of in-house administration, unit trust management and investment capabilities. This infrastructure provides superior technical capability, achieving cost and tax efficiencies.

We offer a superior level of personalised service. Through our experienced and qualified wealth managers, backed by a strong administrative team and system, we ensure swift response to any private client need.

Jenny Williams is technical head of the Wealth Management team with some thirty years’ experience, twelve with GTC.

Jenny is a Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers in SA CAIB (SA) and is a member of the Investment Analysts Society of Southern Africa.

T: +27 (0) 10 597 6840

“Nowhere is GTC’s tag line: Consult · Partner · Manage more appropriate than with our several thousand private clients.”