February 7, 2018

Committing to a better financial future is easier than you think

As many people’s enthusiasm for their recently adopted New Year’s resolutions wanes, Martin Wagenaar, wealth management consultant at leading financial advisory firm GTC, reminds us of the seriousness of adhering to newly adopted financial goals and ambitions. He also illustrates how this is one New Year’s resolution which can be effected sustainably. “It is interesting how people resolve to improve their lives at the start of a fresh year, but their proposed changes very rarely extend to their financial future. Just as we convince ourselves that it is never too late to start losing weight, become fitter or learn a new skill, it is also never too late to revise and achieve realistic financial goals,” says Wagenaar. One of the most common myths about financial planning is that it is reserved for the wealthy. “The truth is that everyone needs...
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